Where to Stake Kasta


Users who stake or lock up KASTA tokens within the app can earn APYs that may vary depending on the number of tokens they've staked or locked up. Users can earn APY on a maximum of 1 million KASTA tokens.


While both staking and locking up provide users the opportunity to earn more KASTA, the lock-up feature offers higher APY percentages (up to 15% APY) plus additional benefits that aren’t available in staking.

For instance, if you have 50,000 KASTA, you can only earn up to 4% APY if you stake them all in Ka.app. On the other hand, if you lock up 50,001 KASTA tokens, you’ll be able to unlock Ka.app Tier VII which will allow you to earn up to 15% APY, plus the additional benefits. The maximum number of tokens you can earn APY on Tier VII is 1 million KASTA.

Ka.app Locking Up


The lock up feature offers a bigger earning opportunity to Ka.app users because it requires you to keep your KASTA tokens in the app (which means you won’t be able to remove or withdraw them) for six months.

The maximum APY you can earn for locking up is 15%, plus the growing list of privileges you can take advantage of such as lower swap fees, depending on the tier you enter.

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Staking KASTA makes a great option to individuals who don’t have enough tokens to enter higher KASTA tiers but would like to earn small bonuses by simply holding their tokens on Ka.app. This may also be an option for users who’d like to earn up to 4% APY in a shorter period of time without actively trading in exchanges.

The maximum reward in staking is lower than locking up as users can stake or unstake their tokens whenever they like, for their convenience. The KASTA tokens will reflect in the app within 24 hours upon unstaking.


Ka.app users can enter the following tiers and take advantage of the allocated benefits by locking up specific numbers of KASTA tokens in the app.

  • TierAmount of KASTA locked upLockup APY on KASTAFees
  • 000.75%2.504%
  • I401.5%1.252%
  • II1002%1.023%
  • VI20,0008%0.376%
  • VII50,00115%0.376%

KASTA Tier VII is available on a first come, first served basis. This offer is limited to 50 million tokens only. The maximum lock up limit per user on Tier VII is 1 million KASTA.


Other tokens will also be available for staking in the future, with various rewards and benefits.

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USD Coin

Binance USD

Binance Coin




More crypto to come!


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What are the benefits of locking up KASTA in the app?
Aside from yield multiplication, those who lock up KASTA tokens in the app can also enjoy more benefits in the future such as getting customized Ka.app debit cards.
Is there a limit to the number of tokens I can stake or lock up?
There's no limit, but as mentioned above, you can earn APY on a maximum of 1 million KASTA on Tier VII.
How does Ka.app fund the APYs
We get most of the APY from the rewards bucket which covers 10% of the total token supply. Some of the APY would also come from the tokens that the company buys back using their revenue.
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