Where to Stake Kasta


Users who stake or lock up KASTA tokens within the app can earn APYs that may vary depending on the number of tokens they've staked or locked up. Users can earn APY on a maximum of 50,001 KASTA tokens.

Ka.app Locking Up


The lock up feature offers a bigger earning opportunity to Ka.app users because it requires you to keep your KASTA tokens in the app (which means you won’t be able to remove or withdraw them) for six months.

The maximum interest you can earn for locking up is 8%, plus the growing list of privileges you can take advantage of such as lower conversion fees, depending on the tier you enter.


Ka.app users can enter the following tiers and take advantage of the allocated benefits by locking up specific numbers of KASTA tokens in the app.

  • TierAmount of KASTA locked upLockup APY on KASTAFees
  • 000.75%2.504%
  • I401.5%1.252%
  • II1002%1.023%
  • VI20,0008%0.376%
  • VII50,0018%0.376%


Wanna know more? Look no further

What are the benefits of locking up KASTA in the app?
We’re in the process of adding more utilities for the KASTA token, which may also include other tier benefits. Stay tuned for updates.
Is there a limit to the number of tokens I can stake or lock up?
You can only earn interest on a maximum of 50,001 KASTA tokens.
How does Ka.app fund the APYs?
We get most of the APY from the rewards bucket which covers 10% of the total token supply. Some of the APY would also come from the tokens that the company buys back using their revenue.
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