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How to Get Free Cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their numerous use cases and benefits. These include quicker and easier cross-border transactions, yield multiplication, store of value, decentralization, and more.

Many businesses and online platforms have also started accepting crypto as a payment method, so having some digital currency on hand can be a convenient way to make purchases.

The good news is, there are easy ways to get free crypto. This can be a great passive income, or if you’re a beginner, a practical way to embark on your crypto journey.

Disclaimer: Not financial advice.

8 Ways to Earn Free Crypto

Here are different ways how to earn free crypto:

1. Crypto Giveaways

Some companies host crypto giveaways to promote their projects and/or encourage users to take a specific action that will support their business (e.g., download an app, start trading, send crypto, etc.)

Usually, the company will announce the giveaway and provide instructions on how to participate. Participants may be required to follow certain rules, such as liking or sharing a post, tagging friends, signing up for a newsletter, following the company on social media, and the like. After a set period of time, the company will select a winner or winners to receive the free cryptocurrencies.

How to Enter a Crypto Giveaway

The first step to entering crypto giveaways is finding reputable projects that offer them. Follow the crypto projects you like, subscribe to their newsletter, and/or regularly check their social media accounts or website for giveaway announcements.

You can also search crypto giveaway hashtags or topics on social platforms to find active ones. Read comments from other participants who may have already vetted the legitimacy of the giveaway. Pay attention to the rules and guidelines and follow the instructions carefully, as failing to do so may lead to disqualification

2. Crypto Referral Programs

Crypto referral programs aim to motivate existing company customers to refer other users or clients to the company by incentivizing them with free crypto.

The mechanics may vary per program, but they usually require the existing customer to share a link, code, or voucher with someone else, and the referred user must take a specific action (e.g., buy a specific product, sign up on a platform, join an event, etc.) for it to be considered a successful referral.

How to Join a Crypto Referral Program

Let’s use the process of Ka.app’s crypto referral program as an example. First, you must create a Ka.app account. Then, you need to get your referral link from the referral page, share it with friends or acquaintances, and ask them to sign up using your link.

The referred user must pass identity verification (a.k.a. KYC) and top up a consumable amount indicated on the app for it to be considered a successful referral. After that, both you and the referred user will receive crypto rewards in your wallet. You will be able to use the crypto to lock up tokens and enter a tier that offers exclusive benefits.

3. Staking or Locking Up Tokens

Staking is a process that allows users to earn rewards by holding and supporting a particular cryptocurrency

When you stake your coins, you essentially HODL them in a wallet or account, which helps validate transactions and secure a blockchain network. Those who stake or lock up their tokens usually receive free crypto in the form of APY.

How to Stake or Lock Up Tokens

First, you must choose a cryptocurrency that enables staking or locking up tokens. For instance, the KASTA token. In the Ka.app, you can lock up KASTA for six months by simply choosing a tier you want to enter. Each tier requires different amounts of tokens you can lock up and offers different benefits.

Locking up KASTA in the app offers up to 8% APY, provides swap fee discounts in the app depending on the tier you enter, and more.

4. Airdrops

Airdrops are one of the common ways to earn free crypto instantly. They are a marketing strategy that entails distributing new coins or tokens to wallet addresses. Typically, small amounts of digital currencies are given away to active members of the blockchain community to generate awareness and facilitate the circulation of a token or coin.

How to Receive Crypto Airdrops

You can start by researching upcoming airdrops and the requirements for participation. Companies hosting the airdrops may ask you to follow them on social media, join their Telegram and/or Discord channels, or complete simple tasks like sharing a post or filling out a form.

Once you have completed the necessary steps, you will need to provide your crypto wallet address to receive free coins or tokens. Remember never to provide your private keys or any sensitive personal information, and exercise caution when participating in airdrops. Once you have completed the necessary steps, you will need to provide your crypto wallet address to receive free coins or tokens. Remember never to provide your private keys or any sensitive personal information, and exercise caution when participating in airdrops.

5. Faucets

In crypto, faucets refer to the process of giving away small amounts of cryptocurrencies to users in exchange for completing simple tasks on a platform. Some of these include solving captchas, answering surveys, or watching advertisements.

They’re called “faucets” because they only provide a minuscule amount of cryptocurrency, often referred to as a "drop" or "drip."

How Do Faucets Work?

The process usually starts by creating an account on the website or app that offers faucets. Then, you can start completing your preferred tasks. Once you have accumulated a certain amount of cryptocurrency, you can withdraw them to your crypto wallet.

6. Play Games

Play-to-Earn (P2E), blockchain-based games are common in the crypto space. They usually reward players with free crypto in several ways. For instance, you can get free crypto by completing tasks or achieving certain levels in the game, or participating in tournaments or competitions that offer crypto prizes.

Players can also win crypto by ranking high in specific games or by being selected as a winner through a lottery-style system."

How to Play Games That Reward Crypto

To get started, look for P2E crypto projects or any games that offer the crypto you’re interested in as a reward. Then, download the game if needed or go to the website and create an account. Once you've set up your account, you can start playing the game to earn rewards.

The process of getting and withdrawing rewards can be different depending on the platform you choose. Some of them also provide more crypto than others. But with some patience and dedication, playing games that reward crypto can be a fun and rewarding experience. Always verify the game’s legitimacy and read reviews before downloading.

7. Welcome bonuses on crypto platforms

Some crypto platforms offer welcome bonuses as incentives to new users who sign up for their services. These bonuses can vary depending on the platform and may include free crypto or other perks. For example, a platform may offer 10 USDT to new users who sign up and complete their first trade.

How to Get Welcome Bonuses

As usual, the first thing you need to do is to find platforms that offer welcome bonuses, create an account on the platform, and complete any required verification steps.

Some platforms may require you to make a minimum deposit or trade in order to receive the bonus. Be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up and accepting a welcome bonus. Certain restrictions or limitations on how the bonus can be used or withdrawn may be in place.

8. Mining

Crypto mining refers to the process of verifying and recording transactions on a blockchain network by using specialized hardware that allows you to solve complex mathematical problems. Miners usually receive free crypto for every block of transactions they successfully add to the blockchain, which serves as the network's public ledger.

It’s good to note though that the mining hardware consumes a lot of power to function. To address this, miners often opt to join mining pools, which allow them to combine their computing power and share the rewards

How to Start Mining

There are a few key steps you must follow to begin crypto mining. The first is to select the right hardware for the job. This will depend on the type of crypto you want to mine, considering different currencies require different types of hardware. Popular options include application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), graphics processing units (GPUs), and central processing units (CPUs).

Next, you'll need to select your mining software. There are many options available, so do your research and choose one that is compatible with your hardware and the crypto you want to mine. Once you’re done setting things up, you're ready to start mining.

Where to Get Free Crypto

You can get free crypto from Ka.app in several ways. We host crypto giveaways every now and then as a way to thank our users as well as encourage them to continuously enjoy using the app. The amount of free crypto we offer varies depending on what type of giveaway we’re doing. Sometimes, we do fun competitions as well.

In addition, we have a crypto referral program that rewards crypto to both successful referees and referred users. And as previously stated, we provide the option of earning up to 8% APY on KASTA tokens that you lock up in the app.

Wrapping Up

These are just some of the many ways you can earn free crypto, whether for passive income or to kick off your crypto journey without using a lot of your own money.

Earning free crypto can be fun and attractive, but remember to also approach these opportunities with enough research and a healthy dose of caution.



Which platforms offer free crypto?

Various platforms in and out of the crypto space offer free crypto. Some of the common ones include crypto exchanges, P2E sites, digital payment apps like Ka.app, and more. You can search for the specific way you want to earn crypto and you’ll find specific apps or websites you can go to.

Are free crypto giveaways legit?

The truth is, many crypto giveaways are legitimate, but some scammers also prey on those looking for free crypto.

To avoid being scammed, opt for reliable companies or projects, and don’t engage in promotions that require you to share your logins, credentials, or private keys. Be discerning, listen to your gut, and always do your research.

How can I get free crypto from Ka.app?

As of writing, you can get free crypto from Ka.app by joining giveaways, participating in the crypto referral program, and locking up KASTA tokens in the app.

What is Ka.app?

Ka.app is a digital payment platform and wallet that allows you to send, spend, receive, store, and convert digital funds.

What is the KASTA token?

KASTA is the native cryptocurrency of Ka.app. One of its popular use cases is yield multiplication. When you lock up KASTA in the app, you can earn up to 8% APY and enjoy swap fee discounts as low as 0.376%.


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