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Ka.app Secures Italian Regulatory License

by Pat

Content Manager

Ka.app unlocked another milestone by officially securing its regulatory license in Italy on March 23, 2023. “We’re pleased to have acquired our most recent license in Italy. Another step in the right direction,” says Ka.app Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Founder Carl Roegind.

Why Acquire a License in Italy?

Italy has the third largest economy and the third largest population in the EU. With the Italy license, we’ll be able to directly market our offerings to a wider audience. At the same time, we can work to be at the forefront of crypto adoption in the country.

Activities Permitted with an Italian License

The Italy license permits Ka.app to:

  • Execute direct marketing strategies within the country
  • Offer services functional to the use and exchange of currencies
  • Offer services functional to the conversion into or from current currencies or digital representations of value, including those that are convertible to other virtual currencies
  • Offer transfer and clearing services in virtual currencies
  • Offer digital wallet services

Note: The list of services we’re allowed to provide may extend in the future if we register additional services with the Italian regulator.

Italy’s regulatory framework provides a clear legal framework for blockchain companies. This is a huge step towards our goal of global crypto adoption, and we’re looking forward to acquiring more licenses in the future to provide much easier crypto payments to as many users as possible.

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What is Ka.app?

Ka.app is a crypto payment platform and wallet. It allows you to store digital assets, send and receive payments, swap currencies, and lock-up KASTA tokens to earn APY.

Is there a crypto for this project?

Yes, it’s the KASTA token. Just like other cryptocurrencies, you can use KASTA as a payment method for daily transactions. One of its main use cases is yield multiplication as you can lock up KASTA for six months in Ka.app and earn up to 8% APY.

Who founded Ka.app?

Ka.app was co-founded by CEO Carl Roegind, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Sebastian Appelberg, and Chief Product Officer (CPO) Hans-H Lusmägi.


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