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Introducing Tier VII: Earn Up to 15% APY on KASTA!

by Pat

Content Manager

Attention KASTA holders! We have a new lockup tier that allows you to earn up to 15% APY on your KASTA tokens! Each user can earn APY on up to 1 million KASTA, a huge jump from the previous maximum number of tokens you can earn APY on, which was 50,000 KASTA.

Tier VII requires you to lock up at least 50,001 KASTA, and it will be open until we’ve reached the accumulated lockup limit of 50 million total tokens. By entering Tier VII, you'll have the opportunity to earn a passive income through crypto, while enjoying additional benefits within our app. Don't miss out on this exclusive offer!

3 Exclusive Benefits of KASTA Tier VII

Unlocking Tier VII, the highest KASTA tier so far, will give you access to these exclusive benefits:

1. Up to 15% APY on a maximum of 1 million KASTA tokens

As mentioned, the 1 million token limit is a massive leap from KASTA Tier VI, which allows you to earn APY on a maximum of 50,000 KASTA tokens. This upgrade opens up an incredible earning potential for long-term KASTA holders.

2. Discounted swap rates in the app

The discounted 0.376% swap rate will be activated as soon as you’ve entered Tier VII. This benefit applies to all app transactions, including crypto conversions, receiving payments in a different cryptocurrency through the Easy Swap Engine, and withdrawing crypto to an external wallet.

3. Available for a limited time only

As mentioned, this tier will be available only up until a total of 50 million tokens have been/are locked up in Tier VII, collectively.

How to Access KASTA Tier VII

Here’s how you can unlock Tier VII:

  1. Log in to the app.
  2. Tap the lockup banner on the home screen.
  3. Tap “Tier VII.”
  4. Tap “Upgrade to Tier VII.”
  5. Enter the number of tokens you want to lock up. You need at least 50,001 KASTA tokens, and you can earn APY on up to 1 million tokens.
  6. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  7. Confirm the upgrade
  8. Enter your pin code to complete the upgrade

How Long Is the Lockup Period?

The lockup period is six months. You won’t be able to access your tokens during this period. But once the lockup period is over, your earnings will be automatically credited to your Ka.app account. You can then lock up again to keep earning APY.

Get Ready for More Exciting Features!

Tier VII is just the beginning of more exciting features coming your way. We can’t wait to see you get your hands on cash, the progressive web app (PWA), and more! Stay plugged in for updates!



What is KASTA?

KASTA is an ERC-20 token; the native cryptocurrency of Ka.app. It was built on the Polygon network and offers various KASTA use cases, such as a payment method for peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions, app rewards, trading, and more.

What is a KASTA tier?

KASTA tiers represent various levels of benefits available to Ka.app users. As of writing, these tiers are only accessible through locking up tokens in the app

Is it possible to renew my tier immediately after the initial lockup period ends?

Yes. You can lock up KASTA tokens as soon as your initial lockup period ends. Please take note that Tier VII is available until we’ve reached the 50 million total lockup limit. If Tier VII is no longer available after your lockup period, you can lock up tokens with other tiers.


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