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New Referral Program, Card Top Up & Upcoming Bonuses!

by Pat

Content Manager

Time is flying by so fast, Kastians! How’s your June coming along? The past three weeks have been amazing for our team as we’ve been getting positive feedback on the newly released Ka. Debit Card. We’re also working on new, exciting features that will continuously improve your crypto experience and grow our community. Let’s jump straight into the details!

The Ka. Debit Card Is Ready to Order!

In case you missed our X announcement, the Ka. Debit Card is already live and available for European Economic Area (EEA) users. We’re thrilled to share that our new Ka.app users and number of transactions have grown by over 100% since the card’s release.

The card allows you to spend your crypto online and in physical stores by converting your tokens to euro (EUR). It offers high transaction limits (up to €20,000 monthly), and cheap top up fees (just €1 when you transfer EUR via IBAN or as low as 0.376% of the transaction amount when you convert crypto to EUR). Use your crypto to buy anything from your morning coffee to your daily groceries. The Ka. Debit Card is your go-to card for making online purchases and paying for subscriptions with your crypto.

You can even cash out funds through a Visa-compatible automated teller machine (ATM), up to €4,600 monthly.

Internal Testing for the New Referral Program Is Ongoing

A more incentivizing Refer a Friend feature is on the horizon for our community! It’s going through internal tests as of writing, and external testing will be scheduled soon.

With the enhanced program, both you and your referral will earn a percentage from the net revenue generated by the referred users fees. This means that every time the referred user makes a transaction (e.g,. convert, buy crypto, EUR deposit, etc.) you’ll both instantly receive rewards in the currency used for their transaction fees. For instance, if their fees generated are in KASTA, you’ll both get rewarded in KASTA.

Card Top Up Testing Is Ongoing

We’re still fine tuning our card top up feature to make adding funds into Ka.app way more convenient for our users. This will give you a convenient option to add EUR into your account using a credit/debit card, on top of the options to deposit funds via IBAN or transferring crypto from an external wallet.

Stay Tuned for a Deposit Bonus Initiative

We want to continuously reward active users, and one of the reward programs we’re planning on implementing is a deposit bonus initiative. We’ll share more details in the coming weeks, so be sure to follow us on X, and read our next progress update.

Thank you for your continued support!


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