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Easier Ka.app Signups/Logins, Continued Tests, Community Events, & More!

by Pat

Content Manager

Progress update ahead, Kastians! Here’s what happened behind the scenes over the past two weeks—from launching improvements and continuing tests to onboarding more team members and hosting community events. Let’s break these down.

Google Login/Signup Is Live!

Good news! Our Google login/signup flow is live! You can now sign up and log in on Ka.app with just a click on your Google account. No need to manually input your email address and password for a more convenient way to access your account.

Continued Debit Card Testing with Select Ka.app Users

Our Ka. Debit Card is still being tested by select Ka.app users. Just like we said in our previous progress update, we’re pleased to share that the reviews have been exceptionally positive so far. At the same time, we’re finalizing enhancements to ensure that everything’s smooth for the card’s public release.

The Ka. Debit Card will be available to European Economic Area (EEA) users, and will make spending crypto more convenient in both physical and online stores. Some of its benefits include high transaction and withdrawal limits, low top up fees, and top-tier security.

Continued Card Top Up Flow Testing

As of writing, you can top up your Ka.app wallet by transferring euros (EUR) through IBAN or by depositing crypto from an external wallet and converting them into EUR. But not for a long time! Internal tests are underway for the process of topping up your wallet using a debit or credit card.

This flow aims to make depositing EUR into your Ka.app account faster and much more convenient compared to doing a traditional bank transfer.

Exciting Team Expansion

One way we’re boosting our business functions is by growing our team. In fact, we recently welcomed new experts in our technology, operations, and marketing teams, and we’re actively searching for more talent to join Ka.app.

If you’re interested in being a part of our growth, please check out our LinkedIn.

Successful Community Events

  • First Ever X Space

We hosted our first ever X Space on May 2, 2024 and it was a success! A lot of Kastians submitted their Ka. Debit Card and community questions, which our Marketing Manager Mathieu Sylvain has shed light on.

  • Ka Trivia Event

Another fun Ka. Trivia event was also held on Telegram on May 12, 2024. Our community actively participated, and we gave away some KASTA tokens to the winners!

We’re planning to host more of these events, so if you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on X and join our Telegram community to participate.

Thank You, As Always

We've made a lot of progress together, Kastians. As we keep building, enhancing, and growing Ka.app, we won’t get tired of saying thank you for your continued support—for participating in our tests, joining our giveaways, providing feedback, answering surveys, and contributing to our community by sharing the ease and convenience our product offers.

Let's keep the momentum going. ‘Til the next progress update!


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