Tokenomics Crypto


The concept of came to life when CEO Carl Roegind and CTO Sebastian Appelberg noticed how a payment app in Sweden made splitting bills and payments among friends easy. They used it as inspiration to start, with the KASTA token being its native cryptocurrency.

The long term vision of the business is to make crypto payments as easy and seamless as traditional currencies. This way, with, crypto holders can move just as freely through the world.


  • AllocationBucketVesting periodCliff
  • 0.13%Advisors96 months36 months
  • 10%Operations32 months12 months
  • 15%Development59 months12 months
  • 12%Marketing50 months18 months
  • 12%Team50 months24 months
  • 7.39%General Reserve59 months18 months
  • 8.90%Seed22 months2 months
  • 9.10%Private17 months1 month
  • 5%Ecosystem & ReferralsVariable emissions driven by user adoptionN/A
  • 10%RewardsVariable emissions driven by user adoptionN/A
  • 8%Exchanges & Market Making100% unlocked at listing
  • 2.50%Token Generation Event100% unlocked at listing


Date of audit:
October 28, 2021


Wanna know more? Look no further

What is the meaning of tokenomics?
Tokenomics is a portmanteau of the words ‘token’ and ‘economics.’ It’s an umbrella term that pertains to various elements that make a cryptocurrency valuable and interesting to buyers such as a token’s supply, allocation, market capitalization, use of sale proceeds, and many more.
What is a vesting period?
The vesting period is also known as the token lockup period. It’s a time frame wherein specific tokens are prevented from being sold.
What is a cliff?
The cliff refers to the period when specific tokens cannot be distributed yet. For example, if a token has a vesting period of 12 months with a 6-month cliff, the tokens wouldn’t be distributed to the receivers until after 6 months.
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