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8 Use Cases of the KASTA Token

by Pat

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The KASTA token has steadily gained the interest of crypto enthusiasts since its launch in January 2022. And despite the crypto winter last year, KASTA has gained about 130,000 transfers by January 2023 and is still expanding its use cases while the company builds and develops Ka.app.

What Is the KASTA Token?

KASTA is the native cryptocurrency of Ka.app, a payment platform that allows users to send crypto for free between app users, and swap tokens in a few seconds. KASTAs is an ERC-20 token built on the Polygon network, designed mainly for the app’s swap fees, rewards, yield multiplication, and other transactions.

What Are the Use Cases of the KASTA Token?

Here are some of the best ways you can use your KASTA tokens:

1. Earning APY

Ka.app has Tiers that offer up to 8% APY when you lock up KASTA tokens in the app for six months. You can earn APY on up to 50,000 KASTA tokens and enjoy other exclusive benefits. KASTA would also be available for flexible staking—which means you can unstake it any time—in the Katsa app.

You may also be able to stake KASTA in other exchanges in the future

2. Activating swap fee discounts

Another benefit of locking up KASTA tokens in Ka.app is getting swap fee discounts as low as 0.376% of the swapped amount.

3. Earning app rewards

Ka.app has a Refer a Friend program that incentivizes existing users who refer friends. For every successful referral, the user who referred a friend and the referred user will receive a certain amount of KASTA tokens, each locked to their wallets. They can use the rewards to lock up tokens in the app, enter a Tier, earn APY, or enjoy swap fee discounts.

4. Peer-to-peer transactions

Just like other major cryptocurrencies, you can also use KASTA to split bills, pay back someone, or send crypto as a gift. Ka.app makes this easy as it enables users to send crypto for free when the recipient accepts the payment in the same currency on Ka.app. Users can also receive payments in their preferred currency.

5. International transfers

KASTA is available in international exchanges such as Bybit, AscendEx, Gate.io, Latoken, and MEXC. Ka.app is also available in various countries, which makes it convenient to send and receive KASTA overseas.

6. Trading

As mentioned, KASTA is available in various exchanges. It’s usually listed under the KASTA/USDT and/or KASTA/USDC trading pairs in Spot trading.

7. Crypto swapping

You can swap KASTA for other cryptocurrencies available in Ka.app. As of writing, these include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Polygon (MATIC), Binance Coin (BNB), Cardano (ADA), Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), and Binance BUSD (BUSD). More cryptocurrencies as well as cash (a.k.a. fiat currency) will be added to the app soon.

8. Shopping, dining, and services

Ka.app will launch its own debit card for more convenient usage of cryptocurrencies in day-to-day transactions. It’s also aiming to partner with merchants and businesses that accept (or are open to accepting) crypto payments, including the KASTA token.

Final Thoughts

With Ka.app consistently developing and launching new features, the KASTA token’s use cases could continuously expand for the benefit of its users.

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What is the KASTA token’s contract address?

The KASTA token’s contract address is 0x235737dBb56e8517391473f7c964DB31fA6ef280.

How many KASTA tokens are there?

KASTA has 37.5 million tokens of initial circulating supply. More tokens will become available as more KASTA vests over time.

How many KASTA tokens have you burnt so far?

Please check our KASTA burns page to see the updated figures.

Where can I buy KASTA?

You can buy KASTA on Ka.app and the company’s partners, AscendEx, Bybit, Gate.io, Latoken, MEXC, QuickSwap, and Uniswap.


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