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Ka.app Progress Update (17/08/2023): More Tests, Enhancements & Nearing Cash Launch

by Pat

Content Manager

You know it. Two weeks passed, so it’s time for another progress update! This one’s a bit shorter compared to our previous posts, but it’s packed with exciting developments and things you won’t want to miss regarding our core works in progress. Let’s begin.

Cash Beta

Our team just finished working on feature enhancements based on the feedback provided by community members who did the beta test. Again, we’d like to thank everyone who participated—for your time, enthusiasm, and dedication in being a part of our commitment towards easy crypto payments.

Ongoing: Continued Testing

We’re going through the final stretch of testing to ensure that our initial cash features uphold internal and external standards before they go live.

What’s Next?

Once done with testing, we should be ready to release our first cash features to all European Economic Area (EEA) customers, allowing you to buy crypto with your own IBAN account on Ka.app and conduct crypto conversions to and from euro. Cash will be the focus of our team for a while, even after going live, as we continuously aim to refine and improve our services for your convenience.

Another interesting scoop is that we’ve begun working on the feature that will allow you to buy crypto using a credit or debit card, although it won’t be released with the first batch of cash features. We’ll let you know more in the upcoming updates.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

We just wrapped up our PWA’s first round of beta testing with some Kastians and gathered and triaged their feedback. They tested the login screens, plus the send, receive, and convert crypto features. We also had a separate test for transaction history screens, which is being wrapped up at the time of writing.

Ongoing: Feature Enhancements

We’ve started working on some feature enhancements, prioritizing them based on how they could contribute to the PWA’s ease of use, speed, and overall performance.

What’s Next?

After we finish the enhancements, we will proceed with another round of testing with Kastians, most likely with more screens and features.

App Improvements

As always, we’ll share other things that we’re working on behind the scenes, particularly improvements that help us continuously deliver solutions that cater to your needs.

  • Architecture Upgrade

We’ve been talking about the architecture upgrade for the past few updates as it’s a long-term undertaking. This upgrade includes re-establishing values, principles, and practices that better align Ka.app developers in improving our product’s overall efficiency.

Currently, they’re working on enhancing the overall codebase of Ka.app, removing dependencies between different components, and improving the quality of our future testing process.

  • Slippage enhancements

We’ve touched on this in our last update, and it’s still in the works. These slippage enhancements will improve the visibility of potential price changes in your crypto conversions. You will have access to crucial details regarding your slippage, and you’ll also be able to view additional information by expanding the options.

Meanwhile, you can learn more about what is slippage in crypto in our article.

Final Thoughts

That’s it! We hope these progress updates are providing as much value as possible to you because our intention is to keep you in the loop and maintain the transparency we’ve built in our community.

Any feedback is welcome, and you can send them to us through the app’s chat support, Twitter, or Telegram. All the best!


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