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Ka.app Progress Update (24/10/2023): Cash, PWA, Q3 Progress Report & More

by Pat

Content Manager

It’s been four weeks since our last progress update! Significant milestones were reached within this timeframe and we’re thrilled to tell you all about it. Also, although the beta versions of our core works in progress are already out, we’re still working on a lot of exciting stuff, which—we can say—is truly worth the wait!


Ka. Cash Beta has been live for four weeks! We’ve been busy activating accounts for users from the European Economic Area (EEA), and we’ve gotten an influx of new sign-ups since its launch. In fact, from September 19 to October 18, 2023, we’ve seen a 3,650% increase in the number of new user sign-ups compared to the previous month, August 18 to September 18, 2023. During the same period, the number of our onboarded crypto accounts increased by 626.67%.

Progressive Web App (PWA) & Region Expansion

Our PWA, which we call Ka. Web App Beta, went live on October 16, 2023, almost a month after the cash launch. Users from 179 countries/locations can now use Ka.app on their web browsers, which is great news for Kastians outside Europe! In case you didn’t know, our mobile app was accessible in 39 countries only, so it’s really a massive leap, especially with our aim to help progress global crypto adoption.

Another huge thing is that the PWA has a new buy feature that allows you to easily purchase crypto via credit/debit card, wire transfers, and e-wallets. This was made possible by the Ramp integration, a Web3 financial infrastructure.

Sign up on Ka. Web App Beta now or read this blog to learn more about the features available on the PWA. Existing Ka.app users can use their old login details to access the PWA. However, new users from the European Union (EU) won’t be able to create an account for the time being. An announcement will be made as soon as it becomes accessible for new EU users.


We are happily onboarding users from different parts of the globe to the PWA. We’ve been getting great feedback so far, especially with its speed, reliability, and intuitiveness.In the meantime, we’re currently working on getting cash implemented onto the web app to enable free cash transfers between Ka.app users. At the same time, you’ll be able to buy and sell crypto through cash-to-crypto conversions and vice versa, and activate your own IBAN in the app which will allow you to pay bills, receive salaries, and withdraw funds to an external account. Various verification levels are also in the works.

What’s Next?

Internal testing is coming up for cash implementation on the PWA. Ka.app users from the EU may also receive invites for beta testing soon.

Other Updates & Enhancements

Here are a few other advancements and modifications we're happy to share with you from the past four weeks:

  • Security Audit

In the previous progress update, we mentioned that we initiated a security audit on the PWA to ensure its adherence to top-tier security measures. We’re pleased to share that the PWA successfully passed.

  • Deposit Section Optimisation

We optimised the deposit section of the PWA to further enhance user experience and overall convenience.

  • API Framework Refactoring

Our deployment pipeline has been enhanced to make our internal processes more efficient. This update can also lead to quicker and more reliable feature testing in the future.

  • Settings Screen Testing

We’re testing a new way to display our settings screen for a more unified view. We will announce it as soon as it’s been implemented.

  • Customer Support

Our customer satisfaction score (CSAT) is at 100% again for the month of October for eligible customers! Thank you to all of you who answered our surveys and provided feedback! Our customer support team is inspired to continuously do their best, being as responsive and helpful as possible, because of your support!

  • Marketing

On top of our regular marketing efforts, we’ve done a few campaigns on the social media platform X and have curated our progress report for the last quarter (Q3 2023).

  • Campaigns on X

We released a deposit campaign on September 28, 2023, which required users to wire at least €20 into the app, and a swap campaign on October 5, 2023, which required users to convert at least $15 worth of funds. One lucky deposit campaign participant got 325 USDT, while a swap campaign participant received 383 USDT in their wallet.

  • Q3 Progress Report

Did you see our tweet about our Q3 progress report? If you missed it, we fleshed out our highlights from July to September 2023, including but not limited to notable transactional data, the Ka. Cash Beta release, Tier VII launch, our domain migration from kasta.io to ka.app, PWA development, region expansion initiatives, architecture upgrades, our marketing efforts, and operational milestones.

You may also want to check our future endeavors, specifically with new partnerships on the horizon, and additional features coming up with cash, the PWA, and more.

Read our Q3 progress report here.

Final Thoughts

So much has happened in a month, and we’re excited to unlock more milestones with you in the coming weeks. Be assured that our team is diligently working behind the scenes, building and providing solutions to keep improving your overall crypto experience. Again, we’re extremely grateful for your support and enthusiasm during this period. We keep on building!


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