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Ka.app Progress Update (25/09/2023): What’s Next on Cash, the PWA, and Backend Milestones

by Pat

Content Manager

Hey, Kastians! We’re pleased to share the milestones we’ve unlocked in the past two weeks, particularly with our core works in progress and development. Let's get into the details!

Ka. Cash Beta

First things first. Did you catch our groundbreaking announcement on September 19? KA. CASH BETA IS LIVE! This. Is. Not. A. Drill!

We released the first set of our cash features to European Economic Area (EEA) customers last week, which include being able to use euros in the app and create your own IBAN. These will allow you to easily buy and sell crypto (through conversions), make euro transfers for free to other Ka.app users, convert crypto to cash and vice versa, pay bills quickly, and receive salaries to your personal IBAN in the app, as well as withdraw your funds straight to an external account.

You’re a huge part of this accomplishment, so, as our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Carl Roegind said on Twitter, “Thank you, Kastians, for your continued support!”

For more insights about our cash features, please watch our Ka. Cash Beta YouTube video featuring our CEO Carl Roegind and Chief Product Officer (CPO) Hans-Herko Lusmägi.

Ongoing: Onboarding Users

Many EEA customers have started activating Ka. Cash Beta, so our team is focused on identity verifications, compliance checks, and onboarding.

If you need help activating cash or creating your own IBAN, please message our customer support through the live chat. We’re here for you every step of the way.

What’s Next?

You’ve read it before; there’s more to come with cash! We’re still working on the discovery for the Ka. Debit Card, while putting together the final prototypes of additional features we’d like to offer. We’ll share with you what features we’re talking about in our future updates, but for now, as we always say, we keep building.

PWA Beta Testing

Despite our intensive work with cash, we’re making steady advancements on the progressive web app (PWA).

Ongoing: External Testing and Security Audit

The PWA’s internal testing went well, and we’ve already kicked off external testing with select Ka.app customers. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is on the way, and we’ve also initiated a security audit to ensure that the PWA adheres to top security measures and high-quality standards.

The development of Know Your Customer (KYC) screens and flows is also in progress in the PWA, specifically with regard to transaction limits.

What’s Next?

We’ve got a lot of things going on with PWA, which may take a few more weeks to complete. Once they’re done, we’ll continue with a few more testing cycles and make the necessary improvements before releasing it to the public.


More Backend Highlights

We’re not done yet. Here are more exciting updates from the past two weeks:

Architecture Upgrade

The architecture upgrade is a big project that may continue for the next few months. Recently, the endpoint that we use to fetch customer information—one of our more heavily used API endpoints—has been heavily optimised.

Because of these updates, the app should feel a little bit snappier everywhere. The PIN screen, in particular, should be much quicker to appear when you need to log in or confirm transactions. Try it out and let us know what you think!

100% CSAT Score

We’re thrilled to share that our customer support’s first response time (FRT) in the third week of September was two minutes on average. This means that every customer that reached out to us received a response within an average timeframe of just two minutes.

Also, our customer satisfaction (CSAT) score is 100% for eligible customers. Thank you to everyone who reached out to us, and for giving us positive feedback!

Mini Marketing Deposit Campaign

Did you join our recent mini-deposit campaign? One lucky winner received $320 in their wallet! The only requirement to join was to deposit or swap at least $10 worth of crypto on Ka.app. A lot of Kastians participated and we’re happy to know you’re enjoying our crypto giveaways!

We’re not stopping any time on these campaigns, so be sure to follow Ka.app on Twitter to catch our next giveaway.

Final Thoughts

It’s been a great two weeks, hasn’t it? These milestones were monumental for our community. We’ve remained resilient and optimistic amid the bear market, and will continue to do so. Again, thank you, Kastians, for your support and commitment, not just to Ka.app, but to easy crypto payments and global crypto adoption. Onto the next progress update!


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