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Ka. Debit Card Tests + Strategic Product Enhancements

by Pat

Content Manager

It’s that time again, Kastians! We’ll get you up to speed on our progress the past two weeks, plus a few exciting things you can look forward to in the coming months! This is a quick one, so no more long intros—let’s jump straight into the updates.

We’re Testing Our Visa Debit Card Soon!

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve already started ordering our Visa debit cards. The Ka.app team will start testing the cards as soon as we get our hands on them, making sure that they work smoothly for your daily transactions. After that, we’ll invite some of you, from our community, to test them as well before the official launch.

Get ready to seamlessly add crypto into your daily routine as we’re aiming to open up card orders within the first half of this year! With the Ka. Debit Card, you’ll be able to spend crypto by just tapping your card in store or entering card details online. It will also allow you to cash out funds in any Visa-compatible automated teller machine (ATM), at any time you like. Stay tuned for more updates!

Ongoing Signup and Login Enhancements

We mean it when we say your security is our top priority. In fact, we’re refactoring Ka.app’s signup and login processes to strengthen our overall security. This means restructuring existing codes and methods to make them more secure, efficient, and maintainable.

Component Library Updates

If this sounds too technical for you, component library updates are processes that involve making improvements, adding new features, or fixing bugs in a set of reusable components that we use to build Ka.app.

A component library is essentially a collection of UI (User Interface) elements—like buttons, forms, navigation menus, and modals—that have been coded once and can be used repeatedly in different parts of an app or even across multiple projects. This approach helps in maintaining consistency in design and functionality, speeding up the development process, and reducing the likelihood of errors.

Internal Product Optimisation

Our team is still working on multiple product optimisation projects to maximise signup opportunities and further understand user preferences with regard to our offerings, content, and marketing initiatives.

As mentioned in our previous progress update, we’re simultaneously doing A/B tests, data gathering and analysis, and rolling out continuous updates on our website and web app.

Customer Support

Here’s a shout out to our diligent customer support team who gained a >95% ticket solve rate in the past two weeks! Thank you as well to everyone who reached out for concerns or questions, and provided positive feedback. We’re here for you every step of the way, so don’t hesitate to seek assistance at any point, whether through our customer support in the web app or via Telegram.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot happening behind the scenes to boost our growth as a community. Of course, we won’t end our progress update without saying thanks, as always, for your continued support! We’re into exciting times ahead, so don’t miss out and follow us on X (if you haven’t already) for more updates and announcements.

Also, happy new all-time high, Bitcoin maxis! ICYDK, you can buy Bitcoin on Ka.app, too!

Disclaimer: Not financial advice


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