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Ka.app Progress Update (07/11/2023): Cash in the PWA, Product Enhancements & Marketing

by Pat

Content Manager

We released two of our much-awaited features—Ka. Cash Beta and Ka. Web App— a few weeks ago. And although we’ve been seeing positive responses from our community, both in usage and feedback, we’re not done yet! We’re still working on additional features and enhancements that can make your Ka.app experience even more exciting and convenient. Let’s go over them below.

Cash and Progressive Web App (PWA)

Adding and Testing Cash on the PWA

Cash is only available in our mobile app at the moment, and thus our team is working on making it available in the PWA as well. This will allow users from the European Economic Area (EEA) to send euros for free to other Ka.app users, buy and sell crypto with euros, make euro payments, and receive salaries through their own IBAN in the app.

In fact, we just finished internal testing last week, and we’re currently testing cash on the PWA with select Ka.app users. The tests will be conducted several times to ensure the feature’s top-tier quality.

Verification Levels

As mentioned in our previous progress update, we’re adding different verification levels on the PWA to further enhance our security measures. The first internal test for the new verification levels will happen soon. In case you haven’t yet, sign up on the PWA now.

Ka. Debit Card

The final prototype testing of our debit card is ongoing. We added a few more design elements and it should proceed to development in the upcoming weeks. By the way, we’re grateful to share that we received a perfect score from customer prototype testing sessions with select Ka.app customers. Thank you, Kastians!

More On- and Off-Ramp Services

To provide additional cash-in and cash-out services, our team recently started working on additional on- and off-ramp features in the PWA. The specifics will be discussed in future progress updates.

Product Improvements

Aside from our core works in progress, here are more things we’re working on behind the scenes:

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA is on the horizon, while we’re also busy doing other architecture upgrades for increased security.

Reliability Improvement

We’ve refined our internal testing processes, and they have become notably more reliable. These can make processes more efficient for our development team, from coding to deployment.

Iteration for More Cost-Effective Sweep

For our developer fans out there, our first iteration for a better sweep is in the works. This will help us trim down costs and further simplify how we move funds internally.

Product Market Research

Continuous growth and improvement is important to us. We’ve been analysing behavioural patterns, and collecting feedback from Kastians through user interviews, surveys, and tests to keep improving our offerings and services. Other product market research initiatives are also in the pipeline.


In the past two weeks, we’ve been doing marketing campaigns that aim to increase app usage and engagement within our community. Our Halloween campaign, which ran from October 31 to November 3, 2023, was a massive hit, and five lucky participants won $100 worth of Bitcoin (BTC) each. We’re also doing external marketing campaigns in new communities.

Our customer acquisition numbers are significantly improving on a weekly basis since the launch of our PWA. For instance, from October 19 to November 2, 2023, our sign-ups increased by 187.14%, and our new depositing users increased by 320.93% compared to the previous period.

Final Thoughts

We’ve been hearing positive sentiments about the crypto market in recent weeks, but regardless of whether we’re gearing to a bull market or not, the Ka.app team will keep building. We hope these progress updates are giving you more insight into things we can look forward to as a community, and how we’re living out our commitment to easy crypto payments and global crypto adoption.

As always, thanks for your continued support, Kastians! Onto the next progress update!


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