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Ka.app Progress Update (31/07/2023): Beta Testing With Customers & Other Developments

by Pat

Content Manager

It’s progress update time! We’ve made notable progress in the past two weeks with some of you, our customers, so we’re excited to share how it’s going, especially with regard to our beta tests. Ready to dive into it? Here we go!

Cash Beta Testing With Customers

Our first round of closed beta testing with Ka.app customers just ended, and it was a blast! We’ve documented all the feedback and suggestions that you provided and have started to work on them right away.

Ongoing: Feature Enhancements Based on Feedback

Our technology and product teams are working hard on enhancements. We’re excited knowing that with each step, we’re getting closer and closer to making these features available to our European Economic Area (EEA) customers.

Up Next: Round 2 of Beta Testing With Customers

After these improvements, we’re planning to have another round of testing with more users from the community. This will help ensure that our product is up to standard and delivers the highest level of value before broader launch.

Progressive Web App (PWA) Internal Testing

We already finished the PWA’s first round of internal testing. It went smoothly, and we can genuinely say that our members were very happy with the overall performance of our web app.

Ongoing: Closed Beta Testing with Customers

We kick-started the closed beta PWA test with some Ka.app users last Friday, July 28, 2023. They are testing several screens and features, including the login screen, as well as the send, receive, and convert features. They will also be asked to compare their experience using different browsers and devices (e.g., laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc). We’ll tell you how it went in our next progress update.

Up Next: Internal Testing for Other Screens

After the closed beta PWA test with customers, we will conduct another round of internal testing for its signup flow, know your customer (KYC) screens, transaction and history screens, and our KASTA tiers. Once that’s done, a new round of PWA testing with our community will take place.

Ongoing App Improvements

We see to it that our app is continuously improving and catering to your requirements. That said, some additional improvements we worked on in the past two weeks are as follows:

  • Architecture upgrade

One of our core improvements in progress is our architecture upgrade. It will improve the foundation of everything we built in our app to reduce any form of complexity and make your crypto payment experience as effortless as possible. This upgrade will also make adding new features and functionalities to the app and providing customer support much faster and more seamless.

  • Token automation

The implementation of our token automation is still in the works. This will streamline the process of integrating new cryptocurrencies into our app, enabling us to expand the range of payment options available to you.

  • Slippage Enhancements

We're working on updates that will enhance the visibility of slippage in your transactions. You’ll be able to see the basic information about your slippage, and you’ll also have the option to expand and see more details. This will maintain transparency and keep you informed about potential price fluctuations when making crypto conversions.

You can read our what is slippage article in case you’re interested in learning more about it.

Celebrating Small Wins

Aside from our works in progress, we also thought of sharing with you some of our small wins in the past two weeks, such as the following:

  • Increased Lockups in the App

We've witnessed a significant surge in the number of KASTA tokens being locked within our app since the Tier VII launch. In fact, from only July 11 to July 21, 2023, the number of KASTA tokens locked in the app increased by 130%.

In case you’re not aware, Tier VII allows you to lock up a maximum of 1 million KASTA tokens in the app and earn up to 15% annual percentage yield (APY). This promo is limited to a total of 50 million tokens locked in the app.

  • Our New Domain Is Live

Our new domain, ka.app, went live two weeks ago. At the moment, our marketing team is working on localizing and optimizing our website, especially in preparation for region expansion. We’ve finished translating some web pages and articles, and are still exploring other opportunities to improve our search engine positions.

  • Customer Support

Our customer support team achieved a solve rate of 95% this month, with an average first-time response rate of 5 minutes.

Final Thoughts

With further testing and enhancements of our core releases as our main focus in the upcoming weeks, we’re looking forward to unlocking new milestones with you. We hope you’re enjoying these progress updates as we want to keep the trust and transparency we’ve established in our community and be with you every step of the way of our journey to mass crypto adoption. Onwards and upwards, Kastians!


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