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Ka.app Progress Update (04/12/2023): Final Stages of Cash Testing, Refer a Friend & More Improvements

by Pat

Content Manager

Hey, Kastians! You probably know that we’ve been working on a couple of new features for our platform in the past few weeks. We’re pleased to share that our progress has been exceptionally promising lately, and we’re excited to give you all the details. Let’s go over them below.

Cash Beta and PWA

  • Testing

Our highest priority right now is to make cash accessible on the PWA for European Economic Area (EEA) users. This will allow them to create their own IBAN on the PWA for quick euro deposits and withdrawals. With cash, EEA users can also send and receive euros for free on the PWA, convert euros to crypto and vice versa, and transfer money, pay bills, and receive salaries via IBAN.

We’ve concluded most of the tests, and are waiting to complete the external testing for cash activation, which is still ongoing. The last stretch of testing for different KYC levels is also underway, which is a prerequisite for cash to go live in the PWA.

  • Debit Card

Our community has been waiting for our debit card - we’re getting closer and closer! We’re currently planning the logistics, including the process of ordering the cards, handling deliveries, and more. We are aiming to release the card within the first half of 2024.

  • On- and Off- Ramp

As mentioned on our last progress update, we’re working on additional ways of buying and selling crypto on the PWA. Prototype testing is still being carried out.

  • Refer a Friend

Version 1 of our Refer a Friend feature went live on the PWA last Friday, December 1, 2023, so go ahead and send your referral link to friends and family members! Please note that this first version does not include referral rewards. However, future versions of RAF on the PWA will include them. Stay tuned!


Notable Improvements

  • Input Process Updates

We’re optimising the signup input process as well as what you see on the screen when entering the amount you want to use for a specific transaction. We removed the zero in front of any number input to prevent any form of confusion to users.

  • Architecture and Security

We’ve been working on our automated UI test suite for architecture updates. This suite allows us to improve the code as we write it by giving instant feedback on its quality, which will drastically improve the entire development cycle.

At the same time, it enables more efficient testing and will improve the speed of the design work itself, allowing for much smoother releases.

  • Market Research

We’re still conducting in-depth product market research to further refine our platform and boost user satisfaction. Through surveys, tests, and discussions, we’re getting feedback from active mobile app and PWA users. Behind the scenes, our team is also analyzing behavioral patterns to better grasp your needs and preferences.

Customer Support

We’re always excited whenever we get a 100% customer satisfaction (CSAT) score. Thank you to everyone who reached out to our customer support team in the past two weeks and gave us a perfect rating. Meanwhile, just like the first half of November, our solve rate from the past two weeks is 93%.


  • Campaigns

Black Friday is one of the most anticipated holidays across the globe, so we created a 20% cashback campaign for our users. Those who bought crypto on our platform from Black Friday, November 24, to Cyber Monday, November 27, were eligible to receive a 20% cashback in the form of KASTA tokens. The prize pool was $4,000.

We’re still hosting trivia game sessions on Telegram, with designated KASTA token prizes for participants, to attract new users and engage with existing ones.

  • Influencer Marketing

A new influencer marketing strategy is in the works to expand our reach, further establish our brand, and build trust across new communities. We’ve begun working closely with crypto, finance, and tech influencers.

  • Gamification

Our numbers have been promising the previous months, especially in the last two weeks. Our signups increased by 563.02% from November 17 to December 1, 2023, and returning converting users increased by 106.67% compared to the prior two weeks.

To keep the ball rolling and to give back to you, our app users, we decided to start incorporating gamification techniques in our platform. The mechanics and rewards are yet to be determined, so stay tuned for more details. This will be an exciting way to keep things fun and engaging for you.

Final Thoughts

It’s the last month of the year, and we’ve made it this far because of your trust and unwavering support. Our progress is on track, and we can’t wait to release all the new features we’ve been working on as well as continue to develop the existing platform that you love. Here’s to more milestones with you, Kastians! We’ll catch you at the next progress update!


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