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Debit Card Updates & More Feature Enhancements Coming Up!

by Pat

Content Manager

Hold onto your hats because it’s time for another progress update, Kastians! We’ve got some good stuff going behind the scenes, so let’s cut to the chase and jump right into it!

Debit Card Internal Testing

We’re moving closer and closer to the Ka. Debit Card for easy crypto spending! We just finished the first internal test for our card order, settings, and activation flows, and it was a success! Our team is working on additional enhancements at the moment, and we’ll proceed with another round of testing in the coming days.

After the final round of internal testing, we plan to invite some of you to test the Ka. Debit Card with us for more insights and what we hope would be the final touch-ups. More details will be available soon.

Recipient Save Function

In our previous progress update, we mentioned that we’re working on a withdrawal feature that will allow you to save a recipient and easily choose the same recipient for future transactions. We’re happy to let you know that it is about to go into development.

Signup/Login Authorisation Enhancement

Another thing we previously mentioned is the signup/login authorisation enhancement for increased security and convenience. It’s already live on our platform, so you will now receive a code to verify it’s you instead of receiving a link via email. You can easily paste or type the code on Ka.app for smoother sign ups/logins.

Login via Google

If you appreciate one-click logins on platforms, this one's for you. We just developed an option for you to log in using your Google account on Ka.app, which will shorten the login process as there’s no need to manually type in your email address and password.

It’s in the process of being tested internally, and will be released upon passing through all quality checks.

KASTA Token Utility

Yes, our top priority is releasing the debit card as soon as we can, but we’re also working on our KASTA token. In fact, we’re working on adding ways to enable you to pay fees with your KASTA tokens on the Ka.app. Other potential use cases are being considered as well. You can expect more details in our future progress updates.

Customer Support

We aced our customer satisfaction score (CSAT) again on the 3rd week of January! We scored 100%, all thanks to you, our patient and appreciative Kastians, and our diligent customer support team!

If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out via live chat support.

Final Thoughts

The first month of the year went by fast, but definitely great for our community! We’ve got lots of things to look forward to—the debit card, KASTA token utilities, new marketing initiatives, and more—so stay in the loop, and keep in touch on our social media!

As always, thanks for your continued support! We keep building and growing because of you.


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